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The Synergia Foundation is one of the approved BCNL Entrepreneurship Program participants. The program includes trainings for the development of business activities, advice in preparing the idea for starting the activity, participation in the contest “Best business plan of a non-governmental organization” and acceleration for award winning organizations. The program is supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation and the UniCredit Foundation and in partnership with Telus International.The price for the best business plan is BGN 40 000 to develop the ideas.The program “Entrepreneurship for Non-Profit Organizations” contains the following three stages:

First Stage: “Training Seminars” – the participants will get acquainted with the main topics related to the development of an idea and the preparation of a business plan as well as examples of successful social businesses in Bulgaria.

Second Stage: “Developing a Business Plan”, which covers the development of the idea and its presentation to a jury, during which the participants will be able to get consultations and ask specific questions to the consultants of the competition. The business ideas will be evaluated and a special jury will determine the winners. The winning business ideas will receive funding.

Third Stage: “Accelerator”, where the winners of the contest will participate in monthly meetings and receive expert advice and mentoring support from business representatives to develop their business.