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Key competency for business people is the ability to fully engage personal and team resources for success, as well as the ability to have a complete insight into the processes within the organization. Gaining a 360 degree view is about acquiring new knowledge, skills and experiences and working with weak spots (so-called “blind spots”) that we do not see or want to see in our everyday lives. This is achieved by going outside the comfort zone, which unlocks attention, intuition and empathy.

Our team offers an unusual format of team learning that has a number of advantages for the development of human capital in the corporate sector.
• Increased confidence in corporate and company teams
• Hidden personal and organizational resources are being mobilized
• Co-operation is improved
• All senses are stimulated
• Increased focus on attention and empathy
• Changing attitudes towards problem solving
• Flexibility and resilience skills are acquired to help work in an uncertain and unfamiliar environment
• Soft communication, decision-making and leadership skills are developed
• Opportunity to gain valuable personal experience and self-knowledge

IMPORTANT: The format is part of integrated training services for:

• Companies that apply 360 degree reviews
• Apply intuition and empathy in business
• Development of storytelling skills
• Development of leaders
• Development of Team Intelligence
• Sustainability development Techniques
• Stress prevention Techniques
• Attention Management Techniques

The format is suitable for business clients: HR directors, managers, teams, leaders, contractors and consultants.