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SynergiaFoundation’s Blind Entrepreneur Team offers an unusual service – tactile tours and SightFeeling walks.

The participants are challenged to step firmly on the ground, to explore the urban environment as an inner state, to experience empathy with the places they pass daily, often in a hurry, distracted and lethargic. By trusting an experienced blind guide and your feet as well, we will help you redirect your attention from the eyes and what you see to your other senses, offering a source of new perspective, emotional intelligence, and broader culture.

What does Sofia smell like? How does it sound? What is where? What are the stumbling blocks, both external and internal? With blindfolds, the external becomes internal. Thus, urban space is experienced like your home; streets become corridors, squares – living rooms and dining rooms, cafes – kitchens, and parks – bedrooms.
Look at Sofia with new eyes!
This service is suitable for team building or as an alternative tour experience for residents and guests of the capital.
For more information call: 0883 7777 10